• Admissions Managament

    Manage the entire admissions process from application and interview to offer, registration and payments, all from your computer

Admissions Management

Admissions Management
Administration staff can manage the entire admissions process from application to interview, place offer, registration and payment, via the back end or system database.
Manual Application
Applicants who submit paper based application forms can be added to the database manually by an operator using the same validation as the Online Form.
View Applicant Records
Applicant details can be easily searched and retrieved through the database to provide real-time information on the applicant and their enrolment status.
Interview Scheduling
Our unique interview scheduling engine allows you to create precise schedules. Date and time of interview, room number and interviewer details are generated with start, end and break times automatically calculated.
Interview Letters
During the interview scheduling process personalised Letters of Interview for individual courses are created in seconds saving your administration staff many hours of work.
Offer Management
Applicants can be batch offered course places from a centralised location by administration or admissions staff, saving time and money
Communications Management
You can communicate directly with your applicants through our system using the Communications Manager which allows you to send individualised letters, emails and SMS text messages.
All communications including letters, emails and text messages can be generated from the system. A history of all communications is retained for your records