• Student Management

    Staff, teachers, students and parents can securely access the system via the Internet, from school or from home, using encryption and security processes.

My School for Students

My-School for Students

21st century students are increasingly relying on the Internet and web-enabled mobile devices to learn. By providing an easy to use browser based system, students can securely access their learning resources and notes through one single system.

The My-School portal allows students to log in and access their resources including assignments, notes and eBooks in a moderated and managed environment. Because the system is web enabled, a student can access these resources from anywhere at any time, providing true 21st century teaching and learning.

Resources Available:

  • Assignments & homework
  • Digital content & resources
  • Document repository
  • eBooks
  • eLearning platform (VLE)
  • Email & SMS communications
  • ePortfolio
  • Lesson notes
  • Student timetable