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eNROL™ – Online Enrolment & Admissions Management Platform

Our flagship platform, eNROL™ , the MIT Online Enrolment & Admisssions Management Platform, has been in use by schools and colleges in Ireland for 15 years, and is the market leader in this sector.

Since the introduction of the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018, school management have been looking to MIT to provide them with a secure, robust, reliable, and efficient Online Enrolment & Admissions Management Platform.

The platform, designed in partnership with schools, adheres to the strict requirements of the Act and ensures your school or college remains compliant, while providing an easy-to-use applications process and online form for parents and guardians.

Parents can apply online, select the appropriate criteria, upload the requisite documentation, and make payment all via a responsive modern User Interface.

The communications module allows the school to communicate electronically with parents via email and SMS, while providing you with a robust audit trail and reporting system.

The system saves a school weeks of manual work and ensures your school is compliant with all parts of the Education Act.


Please contact us directly by clicking on the Request a Callback button or contact our Sales team via email on sales@mit.ie or by calling our offices for a review of your specific requirements in relation to Admissions management.



Our Vision…..

We partner with education establishments to help them create superior administrative & teaching learning environments through the utilisation of best-of-breed technology solutions such as School Payments, Admissions Management, Student Management.


Our Values……Our Culture…..Our Mission…..

At MIT our core values are based on Trust, Integrity, Reliability, & Honesty.

We strive to create a great culture based on these values and truly believe that our people are our greatest asset.

We are customer-centric and believe in creating real added-value for our customers. We work in true partnership with our customers to solve real problems and create efficiencies.

By working this way we believe we can be truly valued by our customers, and this recognition drives us to greater heights.


Who we are…..

MIT is an education technology solutions provider. Based in Waterford, Ireland, we provide a full suite of software services and solutions to educational establishments throughout Ireland and Europe. We work with Primary & Second Level Schools, Further Education Colleges, Higher Education Colleges, and Private Colleges or Training Providers.

Established in 2006, MIT Education Solutions is a recognised market leader in the provision of Admissions Management Systems.

Our flagship platform, eNROL™ has been in use by schools and colleges for over 15 years to manage their Online Enrolment & Admissions process, and MIT are the market leader in this sector in Ireland.

Our head office is based in the Research & Development Centre on the South East Technological University (SETU) campus, in Waterford where we partner with research bodies on education and technology projects.


What we do…..

We work with Educational & Training establishments such as Schools, Colleges, Training Companies, to assist them in their digital transformation journey. We have over 20 years experience deploying College Administration & eLearning solutions for schools of all sizes and sectors.

We analyse, listen and advise; then we design, deploy and support.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic forced many educators to rethink their business model. Faced with the closure of on-campus facilities, many establishments had to embrace new ways of teaching online. While some were prepared, others struggled with the technology transformation. Working in partnership with these schools and colleges, we helped them shift to a new online or hybrid model. As educators ourselves, we have an intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by educators in a digital environment.



About Seamus Morris - owner and founder

Seamus Morris is the managing director, owner and founder of MIT Education Solutions. He established the company in 2006 to solve the problems he saw with admissions management in further education and training colleges. Everything at the time was paper based – applications, interview scheduling, offer management, communications, and payments.

In partnership with Further Education colleges, Seamus and the MIT team developed a platform that automated many of the tasks involved. Such has been its success that all the major FET colleges in Ireland now utilise that MIT platform to manage their business processes, and the company is on the Government Framework to provide all schools in Ireland with Payment Solutions.

Seamus is passionate about education and how it can transform lives. As he says himself “We partner with our customers, leveraging new technologies and solutions to help them deliver the best teaching learning experience possible. By allowing teachers, administrators, and staff members the time and freedom to focus on what really matters, we help colleges to become more effective, and inspire a whole new generation of learners”.

Prior to establishing MIT Education Solutions, Seamus worked in various technology, business development and sales roles in world leading companies such as Microsoft, Serco and Siemens.

Get in touch with Seamus

Email: smorris@mit.ie
Phone: (051) 834 150

Our Partners

At MIT we design, develop, and support our own suite of bespoke products specifically made for the demands of the Education sector. We also work with global best-of-breed technology solution providers to augment and support our own offerings. This allows us to offer a wide range of consulting and technology solutions to fit your specific requirements.
With more than 5 million users, 400 co-workers and 9 offices, IST are the largest EdTech company in Europe providing student management systems for over 35 years. During this time they have made the everyday life easier for students, parents, teachers and managers. Most of the 400-strong team have a background as teachers or school leaders, so they understand all aspects of education. To learn more, visit their website – https://www.ist.com/en/

Founded in 2006, enabley (formerly TIME To KNOW) is a SaaS training platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of customer-facing teams (internal and external) and positively impact the bottom line of any business, by leveraging innovative training technologies – all in the flow of work. ​Utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, microlearning methods, and advanced measurement algorithms,enabley makes training creation and delivery fast, easy and intuitive for everyone, supporting 500,000+ users worldwide. To learn more, visit their website – https://enabley.io/
CybeReady offers the only autonomous cybersecurity training platform for enterprises. The CyberReady solution utilizes data science-powered training that implements next-level, adaptive learning methodology and guarantees change in employee behavior towards cyber attacks. CybeReady’s human learning automation allows employees to train year-round, continuously advancing and adapting their skills to match real-world phishing attacks. The solution is fully-managed, making CybeReady the security awareness training solution with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available today. To learn more, visit their website – www.cybeready.com