Case Study – School Payment System

School Payment System – Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board

”When DDLETB went looking for a School Payment System to manage all online and cash payments in our Primary & Post Primary schools, we choose MIT as our trusted supplier. We had been working with MIT for several years and we knew we could depend on them to provide a secure, reliable, and robust system.”



With over 40 schools and centres, including Primary Schools, Second Level Schools, Further Education Colleges, and Community Centres catering for over 35,000 learners, DDLETB needed a reliable, secure, and robust Payments Platform to collect and manage payments and college fees. While the ETB required an Online Payment System in the first instance, the solution also needed to manage other types of payments such as cash, cheques, drafts, and postal orders. However, the main drive was to eliminate cash from the system providing a more efficient and more secure method of collection and reconciliation, along with real-time reporting and audit trails.

MIT had been working in partnership with the DDLETB for several years providing a secure Admissions Management Platform which managed all of their admissions to Further Education colleges. The MIT Admissions Platform includes an integrated payments platform which allows students make payment online for their course fees. Prior to using the MIT system each college collected payments manually which needed to be balanced and reconciled manually. This created an enormous administrative overhead and cost in terms of time and inefficiencies. When MIT deployed the Admissions & Payment Platform the majority of students made payments online and most of the cash payments were eliminated. The colleges reported greater efficiencies in payment processing and huge time-saving benefits.



”The MIT School Payment System does everything we require it to do; including managing all online payments, managing cash payments, reconciliation, reporting, and managing communications, as well as Parent reminders by text, and provides a good audit trail.

Parents and schools find the online payment system convenient and easy to use, and collection of school fees has greatly improved since implementation.

The system works seamlessly with our MIS and Financial systems, and MIT provide an excellent after-sales Support service.

We would highly recommend the MIT system to any school.”


Finance Officer; Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Education & Training Board